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My name is Gareth Reynolds, I'm a 30 year old seafarer born and bred in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Having always been an active and motivated individual, I enjoy challenging myself in everything I do. But, I have never done something to truly test myself, to find my true limits, and discover what I am really capable of.


A little over a year ago, myself and three family members sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. This was a challenge, and the realisation of a family dream, but it left me striving for something bigger. These factors have led me to sign up to a challenge of epic proportions. A challenge that will push me to my absolute limits, both physically and mentally, at the same time as raising money for a cause very close to my heart.



I was born and raised by the sea, and I am the seventh generation in a seafaring family. I work on, in, and around the sea on a daily basis, my hobbies are centered around the ocean, and being on the water is where I feel most at home. With this in mind it seemed only right that the challenge I undertake should be one centered around the ocean, and the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, widely regarded as the world’s toughest race is the ultimate ocean endurance event.

This challenge is very different from your usual endurance event - I will be at sea, alone, for up to 60 days, rowing for up to 20 hours a day, and battling the harsh elements of the Atlantic ocean. I am not a rower, and I am certainly not an endurance athlete. But, I feel my experience at sea, along with my dedication and motivation will provide me with a good platform to launch a successful transatlantic campaign.

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